Dark Table

Price: $$$

Quality of drink + food: 3/ 5 stars

Service: 5/5 (stellar service)

Last visit: October 11, 2014

Comment: I’ve been meaning to come here for ages now. I’ve heard so many good things about this restaurant. And I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. They don’t do lunch unless you make a reservation of 15 people or more. For dinner, they have 4 different options of time to choose from. After arriving, they sit you down outside in this area and give you a menu to choose your drink and food for the night. The starter and dessert is a complete surprise. However, you can choose one of six options for the main.

For me, I just told the hostess, “I want surprise everything… Including the drink”. ^^ You could always opt out of the dessert ($33 instead of $39, not including tax or tips). However, since it’s my first time here, I wanted the full experience.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were introduced to our waiter of the night, LEO! He was witty and charming. He had my friend and I form a single line train and follow him to our table.

It was pitch black and we had to turn off our phones before we entered (I loved this aspect to the restaurant… No distractions)

At first we were given a piece of bread and butter. I simply dipped my bread into my butter since I didn’t feel any knives on the table. That was easy enough. I thought they simply didn’t provide knives because they thought it was dangerous in the dark, but it turns out…. Someone simply forgot to replace our table with knives…. Hahah.


In terms of my surprise drink, I think I know what it is, but I won’t ruin the surprise for you. You should definitely try it though, it’s quite fruity and refreshing ^^

The surprise starter was sort of “not that great”. It’s a vinaigrette salad with some sort of nuts and “squash”? On it. I didn’t like the salad dressing. I was able to eat this with a fork easily though.

My surprise main was surprisingly good ^^ especially after eating the “not so good” starter. I’m tempted to tell you what I think is in it…. But I might be wrong ….. If you want to know what I think, stroll further down the page please ^^

Okay….. Just a bit further

I ate my main with my hands simply because I didn’t want to use the fork and poke at air.

I felt like it was a Mediterranean/ Indian fusion of chicken with vegetables on the side. I think the vegetables consisted of red? Pepper, tomatoes, potatoes, squash/ Pumpkin?, etc.

It was surprisingly good!

And the surprise dessert was a mystery to me. At first I thought it was a cheesecake, but then, after eating a second bite… I was thinking “maybe not?”. It reminded me of a lemon meringue pie, except without the meringue. Hahaha! I’m really still not quite sure.

Honestly, I really enjoyed the experience and the service.

I had a blast with my friend and I’m really glad I took her here.

In addition, we literally ate there for 2 hours for what felt like only an hour.

It was so refreshing/ freeing to talk about whatever we want without any restrictions, worrying about who’s around you listening in on your conversation or looking at you.

I could stretch like a cat and nobody would notice.

It was also quite neat how at one point in time during our evening, everyone sang happy birthday to one of the patrons that night!

All my senses other than my sight were heightened and my hands were my eyes.

I absolutely loved this place and the experience and would recommend anyone to go there AT LEAST… ONCE!!



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