Sushi Mura (restaurant review)

I’ve been there 3 times now. The first time I went, I loved it. It was relatively cheap, food was delicious, well plated and the servers were attentive. The second time I went, the service was slightly lacking. The 3rd time I went (today) was NOT charming at all. I’ve never had to wait 55 minutes for take out just to find out our order was taken by some other guy 1 minute before we asked the waitress, “where’s our take out?” Why didn’t she check the bill? And during our wait, we were never once offered tea of any sort. And when my dad asked for a cup of tea (albeit near the beginning of our wait), the nerve of the waitress to tell my dad twice, “you have to return the cup”. Who in the world would steal a plastic cup?

And it only took them 7 minutes to recreate our order. So what took so long? I know you’re busy, but 55 minutes for take out is unheard of. It’s no wonder they give you a 5% discount if you call 2 hours in advance for take out or 10% discount if you let them know 1 day in advance….. It seems like they need it.

I have no complaints about the chefs, but “some” of the waitresses simply weren’t very pleasant.

I hope my next visit there won’t be so unpleasant.

HIGHLIGHT: The crazy rabbit roll is delicious (I’d go back to the restaurant just for this roll alone)


I don’t particularly like their spider rolls and tonkatsu, but it’s not like the food’s bad, just not particularly spectacular. Everything else I’ve had so far, is up to standard in my opinion.

Anyways, I heard their volcano roll is really good, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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