Getting Hit On? ((Maybe?))

It was a weird feeling. I sprained my ankle a few days ago. So while I was limping to the bike parking lot. Along comes this nice, tall and cute Japanese guy. He asked me what was wrong so I pointed to my ankle. He offered me a lift even though he didn’t know where I was headed to. I said I’m ok, “daijoubu”, a few times but he didn’t budge, so I took him up on his offer since I could actually see the parking lot in site, I had a backpack that weighed a ton and my legs were killing me from limping the entire day (well….~2.5 hours to be exact). He kept talking to me in Japanese even though I told him I didn’t understand Japanese, “nihonga ga wakarimasen”.

Honestly, at first I thought he was just being a nice Japanese person… I mean, just the other day, this Japanese lady asked whether I was okay and offered something in Japanese, but my Japanese is so shitty, I just kept saying, “daijoubou. daijoubou. arigatougozaimasu.”

It wasn’t until he dropped me off at the parking lot and seemed like he wanted to continue to chat with me even though I didn’t really understand Japanese, along with a few other hints (?) did I go “oh….maybe, he’s hitting on me?”

From the tidbits I picked up, he asked me whether I was Chinese, where was I from, whether I was married (danna sama) or had a boyfriend (kareshi).

It was when he asked whether I had a “boyfriend” in English, I thought to myself…okay “gotta go”. We can’t really converse when the only English word he knows in English is “boyfriend”. So I went like “arigatougozaimasu” bowed, and left.

I still don’t know whether I was being hit on or not. Maybe I should have stayed a bit longer and tried to chat, but I was so tired. Regardless, the event left a pretty good feeling.

Too bad he doesn’t speak English, Chinese or a bit of French.

IF he wasn’t hitting on me…YaY to good Samaritans in Japan.

IF he was…wow. So Japanese people aren’t actually all that shy. Japanese Stereotype immediately refuted.

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