Okonomiyaki (in Umeda)

I stumbled upon this Okonomiyaki place while looking for food in Umeda. I liked how everything was set up… quite welcoming. I was especially drawn to the long J-shaped teppanyaki table and I really liked how they had this hidden area under the table where we could put our bags! It’s just so….Japanesque to be so thoughtful!

And like any other restaurants in Namba or Umeda, they have an ENGLISH MENU! You just have to ask them for one 🙂

The pricing is pretty standard for cities in Japan.

I ordered a (Ika-tama/ Squid) okonomiyaki (~$8) and a small draft beer ~$4.

Let’s see….so far I still haven’t had a good okonomiyaki anywhere. I wonder if I just don’t like okonomiyaki’s all that much. But yeah, I think the one I had in Namba (also squid) might have been better due to the richer sauce and the fact that it had more squid. Since it’s about the same price, I think the Namba okonomiyaki tasted better and had more value. However, this okonomiyaki is actually more veggie concentrated, while the other one in Namba was made up of more dough. The texture for the squid in this okonomiyaki was better than the one in Namba though. I wouldn’t exactly recommend this place. However, I might as well blog about it since I like the thoughts behind the restaurant and the atentive service very much.




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