Takoyaki (street stalls)

Takoyaki street stalls are absolutely everywhere in Osaka. There’s one literally 5 minutes away from my house and I live in a residential area. However, that’s not the one I want to post about today. When I was walking along Dotonbori for the first time ever, I saw this takoyaki stall with a decent line up. I recognized the #1 Kanji on one of the stall’s poster. I figure, it might have been some sort of competition they entered or something. Regardless, how can one go to Osaka, and not try Takoyaki ….that’s just blasphemy in the cliched foodie sense.

I’m so glad I tried them, cause they were absolutely delicious :9 Probably the best Takoyaki I’ve ever had and I’ve had my fair share in Vancouver. 6 for $3.60 or 350 yen. I ordered option # 3 on the menu where I recognized the kanji for Osaka XP



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