Japan (2 months already)

I’ve been here for 2 months now as an English sensei teaching kodomo’s (kid’s) of a wide age range and I’ve finally settled in. The first 2 weeks of training in Nagoya was hell, but at the same time it was a quick way to test one’s own limit. But enough about the boring shit, now I’m in Osaka!!! Japan’s CITY OF FOOD! I saved up a collection of pictures that consists of FOOD, restaurants, things I like, interesting things I’ve seen in Japan, life in Japan, etc. I just like to share….now it’s just a matter of whether I can get’em all up without getting lazy or side tracked by everything else going on in life. I wonder what I should post first….Delicious takoyaki, giant edamame, karaoke here, the people here, the heat here, the mosquitoes here, my trip to the hospital, yellow watermelon, cheap booze, crazy purikura that makes your eyes x4’s their normal size (probably not those ones), delicious ramen, cheap udon, kushikatsu, beer garden and the list goes on forever ^__^.

I guess I’ll start posting tomorrow since I actually feel like lazing at home for the weekend.


When lost….just flow with it. You might just discover a gem or two.

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