Forage (restaurant review)

Price: $$$ ?

Service Staff: 4/ 5 stars 

Quality of food: 2/ 5 stars

Atmosphere: I know it’s supposed to be all environmentally friendly and all…but other than that…Nothing spectacular about the place.

Last Visit: January 25, 2012

Comment: 1st off I apologize for the backlog of restaurant review entries (not including the ones that I haven’t even started trying to do for Europe & the States ><)

Onto Forage… Went to dine-out with above average expectations. Our server was attentive although he did rush us at the very beginning, pretty much saying that we have 1 hr to eat. I was 30 minutes late due to an interview. Food was okay, but not great for $28. I did like my 2010 Gewurtztraminer Tinhorn Creek Okanagon….but overall, the food was average. The BC spot prawn and seafood chowder, soft-poached egg, smoked chicharrón, pork hock was just an upgraded Chunky Soup. The Gelderman Farms pork belly with crackling, celeriac pomme puree, ambrosia apple, braised cabbage was a stone hard disaster. The Pacific Provider Salmon, red wine and balsam fir cure, kelp pasta, roasted squash puree wasn’t too bad, but not what I ordered. And the Summer Berry Preserve Frozen Parfait Meyer Lemon Gel, Toasted Meringue was small to say the least. In general, nothing really wowed me. Wasn’t really worth the $28 in my opinion.


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