Chambar (Restaurant Review)

Price: $$$$

Service Staff: 4.5/ 5 stars 

Quality of food: 3.65/ 5 stars

Atmosphere: The place was loud… a little too loud, but cheerful. It reminds me of Market in Napa Valley (<3).  Modern hip decor with a lovely mix’n match of chandeliers in a dimly lit room of rouge and beautiful oriental art pieces around the walls to elevate it’s trendiness level. Moving back to the lights…for some, it seems that the candle lights that flicker continuously strains their eye sights. And some people will find the lighting & noise level to work against each other in that the lighting suggests a somewhat romantic ambiance, but at the same time….Chambar is  a little too loud to be a restaurant that encourages a romantic atmosphere. However, I believe a bottle of wine or two would solve that problem.

Last Visit: January 20, 2012

Comment: STELLAR service! Continuous topping of water, attentive care, friendly servers, good looking waiters, friendly manager, and you could tell they were all having fun. And I loved how they don’t do a 180 when we didn’t order any alcoholic beverages. I’m quite glad I decided to participate in Dine Out Vancouver here.

I think the only real downfall in terms of food I ordered tonight was the appetizer soup, or the Cappuccino de Champignon Forest mushroom soup, truffle foam, herb goat cheese croquette. It was probably the least appealing dish of all. It was not only small in portion, but it didn’t taste all too great either. It was very rich and something I would have preferred at the end of a meal as opposed to the beginning. & I didn’t enjoy the soggy croquettes.

But moving on…

the Carpaccio de Thon Rouge Charred yellow fin tuna carpaccio, shiso & sesame pesto, shaved parmesan, meyer lemon & jalepeno vinaigrette was absolutely delectable. I loved the blend of colourful flavors. The dish we had was a teensy weensy salty….but you can still tell it was created from a great recipe. The flavors harmonized really well with each other.

The Moules Frites  ‘Vin Blanc’ Mussels weren’t out of the world fantastic. I didn’t drink the soup too much. But don’t get me wrong, they were great! There were so many fresh mussels, I felt like sharing with someone else would have made the experience better for me. The fries that comes with it didn’t taste all too wonderful by themselves, but with the sauce they provided…D-Lish! Eat them while they’re hot, or they’ll get soggy by the time you finish your mussels.

However, I’m not a big fan of the Moules Frites ‘Congolaise’ Mussels. In my opinion the spicy salsa tomato takes away from the natural flavor of the mussels. Instead of the mussels being the star of the dish, the sauce takes the lead role instead. And I prefer it the other way around.

The dessert I ordered was… 



I absolutely LOVED ❤ my Parfait au Citron Frozen lemon soufflé, coconut dacquoise, toasted meringue, pie crust ice cream… was not only aesthetically appealing, but the very first bite felt like love at first site. I just wish I didn’t spend so much time trying to take photos…the icecream on the side melted by the candle light fairly quickly.

The dark chocolate dessert was normal good 🙂

P.s.  The pictures that I have here…almost all credit goes to my friend ^^ Wasn’t able to take any good pictures in the restaurant 🙂 So you’ll either have to look for pictures elsewhere or make do with your imagination & go try it yourself ^^


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2 Responses to Chambar (Restaurant Review)

  1. fat fryer says:

    This is my first time pay a visit at here and
    i am genuinely impressed to read all at one place.

  2. Tiana says:

    Thanks so much! Going tomorrow night and now I know I’m getting be lemon desert and tuna app. Great shots. Very helpful review.

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