Chu’s Cafe (Restaurant Review)

Price: $

Service Staff: 3/ 5 stars 

Quality of food: 2.75/ 5 stars 

Atmosphere: It gives off this interesting diner feeling with the new diner bench seats. You gotta squeeze into the seats a bit, but it’s not too bad. I do like the flat screen TV near the front of the restaurant that displays various dishes & drinks Chu’s Cafe offers though. Great form of advertisement. Reminds me of Tri-Ty Cafe in Richmond a bit.

Last Visit: January 13, 2012

Comment: I miss Cabin 5555.

Well… Wheat Germ bubble tea wasn’t too bad (normal), but The Black Sesame Bubble tea (no pics) was very bland. My 3 Spice Chicken on the bottom right hand corner of the picture was adequate, but in terms of all the Taiwanese Restaurants I’ve been to in Vancouver & Richmond….it would be ranked amongst the lower echelons. And seeing how some of said Taiwanese predecessor restaurants have closed….I’m not sure if Chu’s Cafe can last long at their current level. The Fried Chicken Nuggets with Noodle wasn’t half bad. But I think if the nuggets were a little less doughy, that would have been perfect.

But yeah…I hope their food will improve soon and that their current level of food is only a starting phase.


Chu's Cafe on Urbanspoon

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