Soho Tea Room

Price: $ (French Toast – Great Value)

Service Staff: 2.8/ 5 stars

Quality of food: 2.7/ 5 stars

Last Visit: January 21, 2013

Comment: A regular nice and comfortable place to eat, drink & chat. Although the place was somewhat small, I like their overall restaurant layout. My first experience here was a lot better than my 3rd.

Came here for lunch during happy hour (2-5pm; also available after 9pm)

The Pan Fried Vermicelli with Shredded Pork & Pres. Vegetable wasn’t half bad.

REGARDLESS…..THIS is what I decided to order ^____^ $4 for Icecream French Toast PLUS drink :9 GREAT VALUE! Can’t get any better than that!


The homemade crepe ($6) was leaning towards the terrible side. I wouldn’t order it. I’d rather pay a bit more and get a better crepe in Downtown or Granville. And we couldn’t use the 20% coupon here. There’s no fine print that says we can’t.

And the Singapore Fortune Wheel + Vanilla Ice Cream ($6) wasn’t worth it either…I much prefer the Icecream French Toast (Taste & Price) This dish was basically a raisin bread as opposed to regular old fashioned bread for french toast. & once again…coupon couldn’t be used here.


I’ll review these regular menu dishes later on… Both dishes comes with soup…

P.s. You can currently get 20% off coupons in Sing Tao Daily newspaper. But so many unwrittten regulations. Felt like the restaurant was intentionally unclear about everything. Make sure you confirm it with the server before you order your dishes or they might end up telling you that you can’t use it. -_- So stupid.
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