Café de l’Orangerie (Café Review)

Last Visited Date: December 31st, 2012

Price: $-$$/ $$$$$

Service: 4/5 stars (Friendly, courteous, and attentive)

Quality of food: 3.5/5 stars (the first time I went there, I probably would have given it a 4 star review. But food is every so slightly… inconsistent)

A fusion between Japanese and European. A nice and small cozy café operated by 2 people. Quite an enjoyable experience. Only complaint in terms of decor might be the inconsistent tables & chairs.

Menu items from left to right & top to bottom:

Kuro Gama Dango Parfait

– A delight the very first time I had it, but the 2nd time was a little disappointing seeing how the dango wasn’t as warm & fresh. But I guess that’ll really depend on your luck as to whether the dango was freshly made or last night’s leftovers.

Green Tea Parfait

– a personal favourite of mine ❤ ❤ ❤

Zunda Dango Parfait

– The green portion of the dessert is NOT green tea. It’s edamame. It’s not bad if you like the taste of edamame and the texture of chestnut paste. (Personally…I’m not a fan)



Wafu Spaghetti (Weekly Special)

– Can’t really go wrong with Spaghetti…I must say…their spaghetti’s are done to perfection… both times that I’ve visited (taste great even if you microwave the leftovers)

Neapolitan spaghetti w/ Hamburger Steak (Chef Special)

– Very good deal for $12.50. Rich in ingredients and flavour. Loved the hamburger steak with the bits of onion throughout. A delightful presentation with mushrooms, bacon, ketchup, tomato sauce, etc.

Corn Soup (Daily)

$7.50 Breakfast menu. Personally, I prefer the variations of spaghetti they offer. The bacon’s not bad though.

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