Zac Zac Japanese Curry House (Food Court Vendor Review)

Price: $

Quality of food: 3/5 stars

Last Visit: December 7, 2012

Comment: Fast food service w/ a smile. Very polite. Food’s not bad either. And you have the choice of adding extra $ for extra rice/ curry/ beverage/ etc. Located on the 2nd floor of H-Mart.  I had a Katsudon Curry for under $10 (Cheap by Downtown standards).

Katsu Curry

Although the portion isn’t huge, it was filling. I think if they increased the crispy and yummy pork cutlet from 1 => 2…..that’d be great. And the curry could have made do with more veggies/ variety of veggies. It’s a good choice for people who want a quick and relatively cheap LUNCH in Downtown….THAT IS… if they work there, but don’t want to cook themselves. Otherwise, it’s quite easy to reproduce…especially the sauce….Glico Curry reproduces the same taste (w/ tint of extra seasoning & black pepper)


ZAC.ZAC Japanese Curry House on Urbanspoon

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