Toranebo (Restaurant Review)

Price: $$-$$$ (depends on what and how much you order)

Service Staff: 4 star

Quality of food: 3.5 star

Atmosphere: Regular Japanese restaurant atmosphere with polite Chinese servers.

Last Visit: July 14th 2012

Comment:  The seats aren’t that comfortable and it can be pricey, hit and miss with the food….but the staff is very friendly and polite.

Salmon Sashimi ($11.50) – 7 pcs

Not fresh enough. For the price I’m paying, I think I’d rather eat sashimi from Samurai…at least it’s cheaper.



Mango California Roll ($9.75) – 8 pcs

Although I would have preferred a little more sauce, it looked pretty and felt refreshing.


Rainbow Roll ($10.50) – 8 psc





Pretty. Taste was okay.

Oyster Motoyaki ($4.25)

Highlight of the night –  delicious!! I love the fact that it’s not too oily like so many other Japanese restaurants in Vancouver!


Torarenbo Japanese Restaurant 虎連坊 on Urbanspoon

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