Taf’s Cafe and Gallery (Restaurant Review)

Price: $

Service Staff: 4 star

Quality of food: 3 star

Atmosphere: I really dig the funky semi-retro semi-modern decor and the seats were so comfortable. Although I ate downstairs, they have a nice private area upstairs that would be good for a party of 10-12 people.

Last Visit: July 13th 2012

Comment: Pleasantly surprised. Never noticed this place before. The exterior is a lot less appealing than the interior. When I first entered I thought it would be too hot, but the owner (or at least I think he’s the owner or at least 1 of them) turned on the fan for my friend and I. And pretty much immediately after we entered 2 glasses of cold water w/ a slice of lemon was served.

Avocado Shrimp Focaccia ($8.50)

Honestly, the Focaccia was REALLY GOOD and along with shrimp & avocado *muah*. However, 1st time I ever tried it, so nothing to compare it with. But on a minor note… in terms of the side….*sigh* I liked how they added pasta to the side and all…gave it more substance…But the salad was simply not fresh enough despite the cover up of olive oil.

Granville Island Honey Lager ($5)

Not much to say here….beer is beer. And I like beer…especially honey lager. (but different people prefer different booze/ no booze at all. fact.)

Peach Bellini ($6.50)

I’m so glad I didn’t order this. Can’t believe I’m saying this…. but man…I make better Bellini’s at home. Tasted like a “freezie” – all ice, little-no flavour.


Overall…I think the restaurant deserves more than 51%. (at least a 65-70%) But who knows…perhaps I need to try a few more menu items from the place. But at least my friend and I were thoroughly satisfied. She ordered a vegetarian focaccia.


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