Ap Gu Jung (Restaurant Review)

Price: $$

Service Staff: 2.7/ 5 stars (needs more effort)

Quality of food: 3/ 5 stars

Atmosphere: 2 story restaurant with a nice high ceiling was quite cosy and welcoming. A nice wall sized screen projector tv (a little grainy, but that’s okay). The lighting was a little dark, but that’s probably a part of the restaurant’s plan to bring out a nice ambiance. All in all, a nice place for the younger folks to go. However, I wouldn’t really suggest bringing your folks here if they’re the type to complain about the lack of lighting in a restaurant.

Last Visit: July 1st 2012

Comment: I think it was about 25 minutes before our food was served. So slightly on the slow side, but the restaurant was quite busy, so the kitchen might have been short staffed.

I ordered a #32 Sizzling stone bowl of beef rice (or a Stone BiBimBob to be precise – $11.95). At first I thought the vegetables were fresh, which was a good sign, but it was bland, but it turns out it was because I forgot to add the sauce on the side. However, the sauce in my opinion was a bad mix with the rice. The sauce was sort of like the seafood sauce you eat with Chinese peking duck with a tint of spiciness to it.

However, my rice became extremely delicious when I was served this dish next…

this #3 Market style rice cakes and fish served in a hot red pepper sauce – $8.95


The 1st 2 bites might be okay, but after that if you can’t handle spicy, you might need some  water or rice. I may like spicy, but I don’t think I could order this dish alone by itself without something blander to mesh w/ the hotness. So adding the sauce of this dish to the Bibimbob was just right for me.

I shared #3 with a friend and ate #32 by myself. But I think sharing #3 & #32 together with someone is not a bad idea. It’s quite filling.

SN: Although the side dishes weren’t great (and I wasn’t able to try the kimchi to see whether it was good or not) I don’t like how they have a limit (even written on the menu) to the # of free side dish orders – max refill was twice, after that you’d have to pay. And they only served 4 small side dishes to a table of 7. That’s just not right.

But yeah, although I wasn’t thoroughly satisfied with the stinginess of the restaurant, the overall service, etc….I think I might come back again for #3 just because I love chewy rice cake immersed in sweet & spicy sauce. And I may wish to try some other dishes as well.


Ap Gu Jung Korean on Urbanspoon


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One Response to Ap Gu Jung (Restaurant Review)

  1. Marissa says:

    Just looking at the pictures is making my mouth water…but you were so right about your cheap service. I’ve never been to a Korean restaurant with so little side dishes!! Btw follow me..my link is where yours is too.

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