Banana Leaf (Restaurant Review)

Price: $$

Service Staff: 4 star (very friendly & attentive)

Quality of food: 3 star

Atmosphere: Some nice ethnic decor. Music was a little too loud though which in turn made everyone speak w/ a louder decibel.

Last Visit: June 30th 2012

Comment:  There are Banana Leaf’s everywhere. BUT if you have lived in Vancouver for a good bit of your life, and you haven’t been….I’d be really surprised (unless you’re still really young and your parents don’t like to try new things) If you haven’t been there with your parents, it makes sense that at least one of your friends would have taken you there…..there’s no reason to it really. just because.  

Ordered the tasting menu for 2 ($28/ person) although it was just the right amount for 3 if you ask me, and if you’re not the type to eat too much (aka you ❤ ❤ ❤ all-you-can-eat) 

Papaya & Pineapple Salad

The salad was yummy, but average.

Roti Canai

It was a little disappointing. The sauce was a little too sweet and just didn’t seem to measure up to the past.

Satay Chicken

(forgot to take a picture – but it was simply 2 skewers of BLANDness)

Steamed Mussels in Cumin & Ginger

Not bad. But not great. Average.

Rendang Beef Curry 

I quite liked the spiciness to the beef curry and the beef itself.

Gulai Scallops & Prawn 

The scallops were good. Quite yummy if you like something coconutty, sweet, and a little spicy.

Caramelized Ginger Black Cod 

I might not like fish (other than salmon) too much myself. But it wasn’t bad 🙂 *crispy*

Sambal Green Bean

Beans + rice (in this picture) ^^ Like pretty much everything else. Average. Nothing spectacular, but nothing terrible either.

Pisang Goreng

Perhaps the HIGHLIGHT of my night. I have yet to have a Pisang Goreng at Banana Leaf and disliked it. It’s GOOD! I think if they put the plate in the fridge for a bit before they served this particular dessert, it would have been better. But otherwise, no complaints here.


Banana Leaf (Fairview) on Urbanspoon

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