Romer’s Burger Bar – Killarney (Restaurant Review)

Price: $ – $$ (I guess closer to $$)

Service Staff: 3 star

Quality of food: 4.5 star

Atmosphere: I love the patio w/ the view!

Comment:  A nice hidden location that I would have probably never gone to if I wasn’t taken here. Isn’t exactly a transit friendly place. So I wouldn’t recommend coming here if you don’t have a car. 

Although the service was a little slow….let me just say, I really liked the view from the Patio while I waited =)

The drink was probably the only thing on the menu I ordered and didn’t like. MANGO MINT ICED TEA ($4) Honestly….don’t order it if you’re not ready for an “extremely” minty drink. I didn’t taste the Mango in it ….at all.

But everything else…. “I LIKED!”

to start off…YAM FRIES $7

Honestly….my picture does NOT do it justice…it looks a lot tastier and the portion is much larger than it seems here in the photo. But yeah… the yam fries were fried to “perfection” D-LISH! 5 stars! 3 thumbs up! (Chuck the sauces out. don’t need’em)

And the “BURGERS” *DRooL* were really good! For the 2 burgers I tried….Buddy, you earned yourself an A++!

And here’s my Man’s Man Burger ($11)

A little smaller than expected b/c of the name…but the tasteee ^^….. Everything complimented each other really well….especially the onion strings. & the burger bun was sooo soft. It was honestly a piece of fine art how well everything complimented each other. (One word of Caution: don’t order it if you don’t like mustard)

And the Magic Mushroom Burger ($11)  REALLY GOOD…only had a bite, but wanted more.

Don’t know/ think I’ve had better burgers elsewhere….but who knows….there’s always something better out there

Overall… enjoyable experience. It aint exactly cheap in terms of portion size, but price aint bad. I’d come back…..if I drove.

S.N for guys…coming from a girl….. Despite the nice view…This is not the kind of place to go to for 1st dates….unless you want the girl to either…

a) order a dainty salad to either….impress you/ seem refined/ look like a herbivore/ IS a true vegetarian/ vegan

b) order what they really want/ crave, a burger… that’s extremely hard to eat w/ a fork & a knife OR create a huge mess while they tackle it like any decent burger lover would

Only go here if you’re with someone so close it really doesn’t matter how you’ll look in front of them or couldn’t care less & vice versa.

Romer's Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

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