Burgoo – Kitsilano location (Restaurant Review)

Price: $$

Service Staff: 5 star

Quality of food: 3 star

Atmosphere: Nice and cozy! Great place to hang out with friends!

Comment: It’s not the cheapest/ healthiest place to go to…but hey sometimes it feels nice to splurge & indulge a little…especially on (( comfort food ))  For me, the food was in general a little too high in salt content. But that might be because I’m getting more & more used to brown rice & food low in salt content at home…. because one just has to be more & more health conscious nowadays.

We ordered a pitcher of Louisville Lemonade ($18) at the recommendation of a friendly and pretty waitress…and we liked it. It wasn’t too sweet and had just the right amount of tanginess. Approximately 2 glasses per person in a group of 3.
Burgoo Biscuits, KY ($5)
The Burgoo Biscuits ($5) 
It was nice with butter…but I liked it even better when I dipped it into the fondue…

Fonduemental ($13)

A whee bit too salty even with the brie bread.  & would have liked it better if the bread was fresh out of the oven as opposed to cold. It was okay.


Macaroni & Cheese ($11)

Meh…Mac & Cheese is Mac & Cheese…you either love it ❤ or hate it x_x. I have yet to have any Mac & Cheese that wowed me or disappointed me.


A perfect place to just sit down, chat with friends, and relax.



Burgoo on Urbanspoon


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