Kracie Donut Candy Set (Japan)

If only they still made the original donut candy set where you can make around 9 mini donuts :( oh well…

When you’re making them, make sure it’s on a flat and clear surface. I regret making them on my bed. My bed sheets smelled like vanilla after and I had to immediately wash them.

The candies this time tastes surprisingly good. However, since the vanilla dough smelled like playdoh after I added water to it… I only tasted a tiny bit of each of the mini donuts and threw them out after. I made the tiny mister donut bag myself ^^




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Tetris Gummy Candy (Japan)

I saw these at a Family Mart in a train station in Japan for about $1.30 (?) they’re not the best tasting gummy candy in the world … But hey… It’s Tetris XD However, like Micaela, a YouTube J-vlogger said, too bad it’s not hard candy… It’s just not the same :P


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Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger and Fries Candy Set

It’s a fun candy kit that you can play with. The burgers were surprisingly good. The meat patty actually smell and taste like cheap meat, which is sort of disturbing. The fries taste like stale bread a whee bit. The coke is disgustingly similar to coke candy gone bad :P I’d buy it just for fun though ^^



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Fried Maple Leaves (Japan/ fast food)

Fried maple leaves at Minoh Park are AWESOME! They remind me of Chinese donuts a whee bit. They’re especially delicious after a nice hike around the park. I bet the hike would have been even more enjoyable if we went during Autumn. My friend and I sighted some Deers while we were there. Too bad we didn’t see any wild monkeys :P but yeah… 400 yen for a decent amount of maple leaves ^^ it’s yummy! And the Japanese couple that sold it to us were such a sweet, nice and cute couple
♪( ´▽`)



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Neapolitan Gari Gari (Japan/ junk food)

It’s disgusting!! The worst gari gari I’ve ever tried. So disgusting I only had a few bites before I decided to chuck it in the sink. The soup flavored one at least tasted like corn soup… But this flavor is just painfully weird. Tomato and pasta flavor does not mesh well as a Popsicle. YUcK!

It’s just a terrible gimmick of a flavor.

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Kin no torikara (Japan/ Fast food review)

It’s DELICIOUS!! In my humble opinion, I like it much better than McDonald’s nuggets and KFC. (But that’s just me… Some people like KFC more… It’s a different kind of fried chicken). Anyways, give it a try if you ever pass by one of their stalls while you’re in Japan ^^


~$3 for a small bag… Well worth the try…

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Watami (Restaurant Review)

Price: $$

Quality of drink + food: 4/ 5 stars

Last Visit: April 5, 2014

Comment: It’s a franchise restaurant and there are many all over Japan. Just in Namba alone, I know of 3 in existence. There might be more. Anyways… It’s a good place to visit with a group of friends for izakaya at a good price. On the 5th, because one of the store promoters talked to us before we went in, we got 10% off our bill. For 4 people, each of us only had to pay ~$17/ person (including drinks) I’ve been there countless times since I’ve been to Japan.


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